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AffinityOne FAQ For Boston

AffinityOne is a residential facility for individuals recovering from a an alcohol or drug use disorder and undergoing partial hospitalization treatment near Boston. You can go to addiction counseling throughout the day at The Counseling Center nearby and then come home to the welcoming, substance-free living spaces at AffinityOne.

But first, you might have some questions about what we do. If so, you can get answers in our AffinityOne FAQ for Boston. And don’t hesitate to contact us at (508) 859-7782 day or night if you have other questions about how we may help you attain your addiction recovery objectives.

AffinityOne is a residential facility rather than a treatment provider. With that in mind, our services complement the partial hospitalization program (PHP) at our partner outpatient facility, The Counseling Center. If you are undergoing PHP treatment for substance use at The Counceling Center, you are eligible to stay at AffinityOne, where we promote a nurturing, sober environment. Our facility serves as a retreat from the external forces that trigger alcohol or drug use as you’re progressing toward recovery.
To live at AffinityOne, you have to be 18 years or older, recovering from alcohol or drug use, attending treatment at The Counseling Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program, and be medically stable.
If you are looking for transportation to AffinityOne from your home or the airport, we are glad to help. Simply inform us that you need a ride, and our personnel will schedule one to get you here.
AffinityOne strives for you to have a positive experience with us, beginning with a smooth admissions process. When we first meet you in person, our goal is to get to know you so we may best meet your needs. We’ll administer a comprehensive medical/psychological appraisal to understand your alcohol or drug use history. Then we’ll take a urine sample for drug screening and take a peak at your luggage for unauthorized or prohibited items. Finally, we’ll show you to your room and get you settled in.
Our lovely residential facility is designed to make you as relaxed as possible during your stay. Our pleasant bedrooms and common areas have modern decor and are completely furnished. Each bedroom will have no more than two and has a bath and television. And we offer a fitness center and wholesome recreational undertakings to keep you occupied in your down time.
We provide all meals. Our on-site chef cooks delicious, well-balanced meals and will gladly comply with special dietary requirements. We also offer various snacks and beverages accessible at all hours. You may also wish to bring a little money for the vending machine.
Dissimilar to detox or rehab centers, we offer weekly visits for loved ones each Saturday. We understand the significance of involving people who support you in your recovery process and never want you to feel detached from those encouraging you.
We bar those in our care from engaging with personal phones at AffinityOne because our objective is to get you away from the stress and pressures of daily life while you concentrate on recovery. Although, you may use our phone to speak with people in your support network.

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If our AffinityOne FAQ for Boston didn’t provide all the information you need, or you are seeking PHP or related services, contact us at (508) 859-7782 or fill out our contact form. Someone will reply quickly, no matter the day or time. We are standing by to help you now.