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Finding What One Likes to Do in Sobriety

October 19, 2022

A common question that often stumps individuals in recovery is, “What do you like to do for fun?” Even in sobriety, many people struggle to answer this question as they have spent years trying to be whoever or whatever others wanted them to be. This can result in a loss of self-awareness about their own preferences and interests. However, it is possible for individuals in recovery to discover their true passions and hobbies during sobriety.

Understanding One's Identity

The first step towards discovering enjoyable activities is understanding one's identity. People in active addiction often find themselves adapting to their surroundings, changing their personality to fit in with others. As a result, they may have no real sense of self. It's common for individuals to feel terrible during addiction and dislike who they are, not knowing how to connect with their true selves.

When they become sober and work on their recovery, particularly during self-exploration, they can gain a more accurate perception of themselves. This understanding often reveals they have always been good at heart, but addiction drove them to act in ways not consistent with their core values. Realizing this can help them accept who they are and start discovering their true identity.

Trying New Things During Sobriety

One of the best ways for individuals in recovery to figure out what they enjoy doing is by trying new activities. During active addiction, it's common for people to avoid pursuing hobbies or interests due to concerns about access to drugs or alcohol. However, once they enter treatment and embrace sobriety, they can explore various activities to find what brings them joy.

Some activities to consider include:

  • Art classes or creative workshops

  • Yoga or other mindfulness practices

  • Exercise classes or personal training

  • Music or dance lessons

  • Cooking or baking classes

  • Volunteering at a local community organization or charity

  • Taking up a new hobby, such as painting or writing

  • Attending recovery meetings or support groups

  • Spending time with loved ones, including children, family members, and friends

  • Outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or camping

By trying new things, people in recovery can learn what they enjoy and no longer feel the need to apologize for their interests and passions.

Being Present for Loved Ones

Sobriety also allows individuals to be present for loved ones in ways not possible during active addiction. Many parents in addiction struggle to be the caregiver they want to be. In sobriety, they can spend time with their children, engaging in various activities or simply enjoying each other's company. This can be a source of great joy for individuals in recovery.

Finding Joy in Sobriety

Transitioning from not knowing one's interests to confidently identifying enjoyable activities is a significant milestone for people in recovery. Feeling lost and disconnected from oneself can be an awful experience, but as individuals learn more about themselves and explore new activities, they can uncover what truly brings them joy. Sobriety grants the ability to be comfortable in one's own skin and to embrace personal interests and passions.

If you are struggling to answer the question of what you like to do for fun in sobriety, remember to take time to get to know yourself and try new things. Eventually, you'll discover what brings you joy. If you still struggle with finding activities, consider reaching out to different organizations or contact AffinityOne Millbury at (508) 859-7782. You will find resources for programs and activities to participate in while going through treatment.